I’m a brand strategist and an experienced marketeer, specialising in food & drink challenger brands and better-for-you snacks & drinks.  What I really love doing is supporting small businesses, those brave enough to take the plunge and create something new, those taking on the big guys and shaking up categories.  It's hard, and it's almost impossible without solid brand foundations, which is where I come in. 

I help brands 'find their voice', through brilliant brand basics.  Looking at brand positioning & personality, tone of voice & messaging, values & reason for being and marketing strategies.  Good brands have advocates, not customers, they stand out from their competitors, their comms are effective and marketing spend efficient. 


I'll work with you to get you there. 


Over 12 years experience helping food and drink brands grow.   I've worked at every stage from startup-acquisition, with brand new brands and some big players.   Highly experienced in BFY ('better for you'). 

Lover of challenger brands big and small, but mostly small. 



Clarified brand positioning and created a brand platform, tone of voice, and messaging guidelines

"Working with Ruth was an excellent experience.  She helped us to define our tone of voice and find a clear and unique messaging through which we can really connect with our customers.  We were extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and speed of work.  Highly Recommended."

Akhil Kumar, Founder



One of the founding members of the UK team.

"I worked with Ruth for over 8 years at Popchips, from the first day we launched in the UK until the business sold in 2019.  Ruth played an instrumental role in the brand's success in the UK, creating a tone of voice and positioning that established Popchips as a category leader.  She has great natural marketing instincts combined with skill and experience, which makes her opinions really valuable."

Will Bowler, MD Popchips


Brand and marketing support 

I worked with Ruth for over 6 Months and she helped streamline our branding and marketing immensely. She came on board at a time when we wanted to create a more cohesive brand voice and she exceeded our expectations. Not only is Ruth's work of extremely high standard, she is efficient and really delivers fantastic results. I have really enjoyed working with her and look forward to working together again in the future

Misha Barling, Founder 



Work with me to transform your business- whether you are right at the beginning and have a great idea that needs direction, you're relaunching, or you just need some support with any brand or marketing issues, I can help.


Want some insight from an experienced marketeer but tight on budget? Following an initial consultation I offer a one hour service where I will answer your burning marketing questions, or work with you to resolve a specific challenge.  


A full check up for start ups to make sure your brand is aligned with your business objectives.  We'll look at: brand positioning, competitors, target audience and start to think about your tone of voice and messaging. 


I'm also available to work (either on day rate or retainer) for brands or agencies.  I can support across a broad range of brand and marketing challenges: postioning, tone of voice, brand vision, values, company culture, innovation strategy, marketing strategy, marketing plans.  


Hi, I'm Ruth, a Brighton based marketeer and brand strategist.  I started out in marketing over 12 years ago, first in agencies and then making the move in house, running the marketing at pioneering better-for-you snack brand Popchips for 8 long, fun years. 

I've now gone freelance so I can relive my favourite stage of all the brands I've worked with- the beginning.  For me there's nothing more exciting than the start.  I've worked from the bottom up, right at the heart of some great challenger brands,  so I understand both the challenges and opportunities of startups. I work collaboratively with my clients-  'brand strategy' sounds fancy but I don't think it has to be complicated.  Simple is usually best. 

I'm especially keen to use my knowledge and experience to help small businesses, start ups and people just having a go on their own.  If that sounds like you, please get in touch for a chat, I'd love to hear from you. 



Call me on 07823 325627 or complete the form below and I'll get back to you.

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