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Hold up... what's the difference between brand & marketing?

So you're a founder with a great business or product idea and you are starting to think about launch, but people like me are bandying around terms like 'brand' and 'marketing' and you aren't quite sure what the difference between them is.

Firstly, it's understandable, marketing is a bit of a can of worms- looks simple on the outside, but once you open it all these other things start emerging. Digital marketing, performance marketing, field marketing, brand management, brand identity. My next post might be a full glossary, but for now let's just look at brand and marketing.

I like to break it down into-

Brand is what you say. Marketing is how you say it.

Brand is what you are- your story, your product, your reasons to believe, your values, your mission. The building blocks that underpin everything you do. Get your brand right and everything else is built on a solid foundation. It's strategy.

Marketing is how you talk about what you are- the tools you use to affect behaviour and create outcomes for your brand. Advertising, social, sampling, SEO, all of these fall under marketing. It's tactics.

Yes of course you need a solid marketing strategy, BUT if you don't have those brand building blocks in place before you do kick off your marketing, you will be shouting without saying anything.

Marketing without brand foundations is basically shouting loudly, but incoherently.

That's why when I work with clients I always start with brand.

Want to hear more? Get in touch, would love to chat it through with you.

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